Luca Locatelli
GFX100 30mm|F14|1/50|ISO125
GF30mm F3.5 R WR

Luca Locatelli
GFX100 30mm|F6.4|1/80|ISO160
GF30mm F3.5 R WR

Bin Zhang
GFX100 30mm|F16|40sec.|ISO250
GF30mm F3.5 R WR

Bin Zhang
GFX100 30mm|F3.5|30sec.|ISO6400
GF30mm F3.5 R WR

Jean-Michel Lenoir
GFX100 30mm|F11|1/10|ISO100
GF30mm F3.5 R WR

Reality Reproduced

The lens reproduces sharp edges and shows every fine detail. Yet, the ultimate goal of high image resolution is to reproduce things as close to real life as possible. A truly great photograph conveys a gentle touch rather than harsh sharpness.

See more of the world

This lens is designed to enhance your joy in photography as you continue to use it. It does this by being compact when combined with the camera, allowing you to be confident enough to use it in every environment. The wide angle of view and advanced image sharpness combines with your creativity to capture your "impression" of a scene, which is the precious element of photography.

Approx. 510g

(Excluding cap and hoods)

Working with you

Ideally the autofocus system on a lens should be almost unnoticeable. It should finish autofocussing by the time you press the shutter button. It should be so fast and quiet that you don't even feel it. The AF in the GF30mm is such a system.

Protect your creativity from the elements

Weather-sealing is often thought of as a feature that just protects the lens. What in fact it also protects your creativity and the photograph you are trying to take. Using a fluorine coating on the front lens element makes it dust and moisture resistant, which allows you to concentrate on photography even in tough conditions. This is the key role of a lens.

Dust- and Moisture- resistant


Operable down to

Alberto G. Puras
GFX100 30mm|F4.5|1/125|ISO640
GF30mm F3.5 R WR

Photographer's voice

  • Brought me to ‘elsewhere’

    I was really impressed with the result I got with the GF30. Basically because it brought me to ‘elsewhere’ and I would love to hit the streets with it. I think the lens will really shine in that context.

    Patrick La Roque


  • Suitable for those who travel long distances

    The size of this lens is relatively small, the weight is very light, and the image quality is very high, which is very suitable for photographers like me who travel long distances. For landscape photographers, it is often the weight of the extra lens that crushes us.

    Bin Zhang


  • Amazing resolution.

    The resolution of this lens is fantastic as all Fujifilm’s are. The whole GFX system has lenses with amazing resolution. This could be no different.

    Alberto G. Puras


  • *1: 35mm format equivalent
  • Model name

    FUJINON GF30mmF3.5 R WR

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